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Only suitable for over 13 years, 93 minutes.

  • Premiere date: April, 5 2012
  • Director: Alejandro Montiel
  • Screenplay: Daniel Cuparo, Alejandro Montiel y Mili Roque Pitt
Martín (Diego Torres) and Sol (Julieta Zylberberg) are a couple of young artists in search of their destinies. Martín is a musician with academic studies who hopes to make a living with his classical compositions while Sol wants to be big as a Singer and lead an indie rock band. However, they are not satisfied with the gigs they are getting these days. They play at parties and venues and nobody takes them seriously. Life, though, is not without quirks and seems to have taken them far away from their dreams. When she is about to sign her long awaited contract to be the lead singer in a band, Sol learns she is pregnant. Martín, at the same time, is dismissed from his job and loses his piano thanks to a tuner. When trying to solve the enigma of the missing neighbor, they will discover that nothing is what it seems, that your hearing can trick you just like your imagination and that your heart is a double-edged weapon.
  • Executive production: Mili Roque Pitt
  • Distributed by: Buena Vista Internacional
  • With INCAA
  • Production company: MYS Producción, Fenix Entertainment Group, Punta Chica Pelis, Patagonik.
  • Producers: Mili Roque Pitt, Silvia Rodríguez, Diego Torres, Marcelo Fígoli, Fabrizio Lázzaro, Diego Finkelstein, Juan Pablo Galli, Juan Vera, Alejandro Cacetta.
  • Diego Torres: Martín
  • Julieta Zylberberg: Sol
  • Fabián Vena: Freddy
  • Ludovico Di Santo: Emilio
  • Laura Conforte: Claudia
  • Iván Moschner : Aurelio
  • Alexia Moyano: Mechi
  • Ángela Torres: Azul
  • Betiana Blum: Susana
  • Daniel Rabinovich: Betiana Blum
  • Franco Vilche: Production Chief
  • Adriana Vior: Assistant Director
  • Sol Lopatín: Photography
  • Diego Schipan: Art Director
  • Jesica Suárez: Sound
  • Mónica Toschi: Wardrobe
  • Emmanuel Miño: Hair and Make up
  • Alejandro Brodersohn: Editing Director
  • Franco Caviglia, Diego Hensel, Walter Koerte y Violeta Music: Soundtrack


Only suitable for over 13 years, 115 minutes.

  • Premiere date: May 29, 2003
  • Joint: Spanish, Mexican, Chilean, Cuban production
  • Director: Alberto Lecchi
  • Screenplay: Daniel García Molt & Alberto Lecchi
1967 – In an imaginary Latin American country under the dictatorship of General Abalorio, Arcibel Alegría, a chess journalist is taken political prisoner due to a mistake in the layout of the newspaper for which he works.
  • Darío Grandinetti: Arcibel
  • Diego Torres: Pablo
  • Juan Echanove: El Rengo
  • Juan Diego: Palacios
  • Rebeca Cobos: Rosalinda
  • Vladimir Cruz: Arata
  • Enrique Quiñones: Pepe
  • Alejandro Trejo: Coronel
  • Gabriel Rovito: Judas
  • Vando Villamil: Chief Police Officer
  • Lourdes Abalo: Prostitute I
  • Ricardo Galli: Chief Prison Officer
  • Luis Sartor: Executive Producer
  • Hugo Colace: Photography
  • Hugo Colace: Camera
  • Santiago Elder: Art Director
  • Francesc Gener: Music
  • Alejandro Alem
    & Miguel Santamaría: Montage
  • Jorge Stavropulos: Sound
  • Andrés Parrilla & Elena Sapino: Make up
  • Fabiana Tiscornia: Assistant
  • Luis Sartor, Félix Rodriguez
    & Pablo Rovito: Producers
  • Mariana Polsky: Costumes
  • Carola Jalife: Script supervisor
  • Anabella Goldberger: Assistant Camera
  • Ignacio Taft: Assistant Videotape
  • Silvina Carballo: Set Decorator
  • Marcelo Lúdice: Hair stylist
  • Lautaro Colace: Montage Assistant
  • Javier Stavropulos
    & Alexis Stavropulos: Sound Editors
  • Ariel Saúl: Assistant Producer
  • Alexis Stavropulos: Sound
  • Javier Stavropulos: Assistant Recording


Only suitable for over 13 years, 90 minutes.

  • Premiere date: 20 de mayo de 1999
  • Director: Juan Carlos Desanzo
  • Screenplay: Juan Carlos Desanzo, based on Gustavo Belatti & Mario Segade’s story and Diego Torres’ idea.
Pablo, an employee at a medicine laboratory, gets a promotion from his corrupt directors, Paterson and Correa to work as a manager, thus becoming a yuppie.  He soon becomes a workers’ rights activist after the death of his uncle, a union member killed by bullies sent by the employers. He passionately condemns the industry businessmen.
  • Diego Torres: Pablo N.
  • Laura Novoa: Lucía
  • Luis Luque: Gabriel P.
  • Paola Krum: Yoli
  • Pepe Novoa: Renato
  • Horacio Roca: Gismondi
  • Osvaldo Bonet:Onofre.
  • Carlos Santamaría: Moyano
  • Juan Ignacio Machado: Salaberry
  • Mónica Scaparone: Ingrid
  • Héctor Calori: Rodolfo
  • Adrián Yospe: Nacho
  • Claudio Gallardou: Simón
  • Adriana Aizemberg:Mary
  • Juan Carlos Lenardi:Photography
  • Héctor Collodoro: Camera
  • Miguel A. Lumaldo: Art Director
  • Leo Sujatovich and
    tema de Diego Torres: Music
  • Sergio Zóttola: Montage
  • Jorge Stavropulos Sound:
  • Alicia Macchi: Costumes
  • Mirtha Blanco: Make up
  • Raúl Ahumada: Producer
  • Alejandro Puente and
    Marina Peralta Ramos: Assistant Producer
  • Antonio Barrio: Assistant Director
  • Hugo E. Lauría: Production Manager
  • Camila Fanego: Production Trainee
  • Romina Crespolini: First Assistant Director:


Only suitable for over 16 years, 97 minutos.

  • Premiere date: 5 de junio de 1997
  • Director: Juan Bautista Stagnaro
  • Screenplay: Juan Bautista Stagnaro and Matías Stagnaro, based on the idea of Carlos Luis Mentasti.
Mafias have left their marks on unclear events, public officials and law guardians are involved in all kinds of crimes; judges are removed suspected of crimes, or subject to impeachment proceedings; a shadow of corruption everywhere and a disturbing feeling that impunity rules.  An incorruptible and strict judge’s son has been put under arrest on a strange drug case. His girlfriend believes he is innocent and tries to help him.  The judge would even abandon his own son to his fate to live up to his principles; however, this time, he will fight against injustice as a champion in direct action.
  • Luis Brandoni: Dr. Lombardi
  • Diego Torres: Marcos L.
  • Laura Novoa: Paula
  • Rubén Stella: El Griego
  • Pepe Novoa: Del Vecchio
  • Ingrid Pelicori:
    Dra. Lavallén
  • Rodolfo Ranni:
    Judge Cambiaso
  • Horacio Peña:
    Representative Abreu
  • Claudio Gallardou: Quiko
  • Osvaldo Santoro: Cara de Goma
  • Héctor Anglada: Guardia
  • Carlos Bermejo:
    Man at the restautant
  • Vando Villamil:
    Father Efraín
  • Mauricio Dayub: Ferraro
  • Damián De Santo: Sebastián
  • Carlos Torlaschi: Photography
  • Aldo Lobótrico: Camera
  • Leo Sujatovich: Music
  • Miguel Pérez: Montage
  • Alicia Macchi: Costumes
  • Antonio Barrio: Assistant Director
  • Luis Alberto Scalella y Carlos
    Luis Mentasti: Producers
  • Leandro Irurzún: Camera Trainee
  • Alexis Stavropulos: Sound Trainee
  • Graciela Fraguglia: Set
  • Aldo Guglielmone: Scenography
  • Gric Vidal: Assistant Costume Designer
  • Alexis Stavropulos: Assistant
    Post-Production Mixer


Only suitable for over 13 years, 115 minutos.

  • Premiere date: 5 de mayo de 1994
  • Director: Héctor Olivera
  • Screenplay: Héctor Olivera and Osvaldo Soriano, based on the novel by Osvaldo Soriano with the same name
By the end of the century, a European engineer wanders around La Pampa, Argentina. He runs into a group of dreamers and losers with no names or identity. Leaving testimonial films behind, Héctor Olivera creates a metaphoric picture of decadent Argentina, based on revealing atmospheres and elaborate performances. This film is his second film adaptation of a novel written by popular Osvaldo Soriano, who also contributed to the screenplay. His first film adaptation had been ”No habrá más penas ni olvido,” a film that received many awards.
  • Miguel A.Solá: Engineer
  • Pepe Soriano: Coluccini
  • Alicia Bruzzo: Nadia
  • Luis Brandoni: Barrante
  • Eusebio Poncela: Lem
  • Roberto Carnaghi:
    Father Salinas
  • Alfonso De Grazia:
  • Diego Torres: Boris
  • Gloria Carrá: Rita
  • Mario Lozano: Bar Owner
  • Leandro Regúnaga:
    Motel’s employee
  • Marita Ballesteros: Alicia
  • Fernando Ayala y Héctor Olivera: Producers
  • Noemí Nemirovsky: Executive Production
  • Félix Monti: Photography
  • Eduardo López: Editor
  • Osvaldo Montes : Music
  • Jorge Stavropulos: Sound
  • Margarita Jusid : Costumes
  • Elena Sapino: Make up


Suitable for all audiences, 88 minutes.

  • Premiere date: 7 de julio de 1988
  • Director: Enrique Carreras
  • Screenplay: Salvador Valverde Calvo y Enrique Carreras
A music schoolteacher goes camping with his students. Two fugitive persons arrive in the camp looking for treasure. This is Jorge Porcel’s first film after Alberto Olmedo’s death. As usual, the film was directed by Enrique Carreras. This has been his last film in Argentina. He then made a couple of guest appearances in US films
  • Jorge Porcel: Teacher Pancurulo
  • Mario Sánchez
  • Daniel Fanego
  • Silvia Pérez
  • Pablo Codevila
  • Julio De Grazia
  • Marisa Carreras
  • Victoria Carreras
  • Pablo Novak
  • Juan Gabriel Altavista
  • Beatriz Salomón
  • Fernando Lúpiz
  • Marcelo Taibo
  • Marcos Grau
  • María Mercedes Sosa
  • Mariana Caccia
  • Diego Antonio Caccia Torres
  • Coco Álvarez
  • Marcos Woinski
  • María Carreras
  • Marisa Andino
  • Enrique Carreras: Director
  • Enrique Carreras: Producers
  • Salvador Valverde Calvo: Screenplay
  • Víctor Hugo Caula : Photography
  • Eduardo y Miguel López: Montage
  • Mike Rivas and Los Pericos playing
    Music: "Banana’s Ritual"
  • Jorge Castronuovo: Sound
  • Mario Figliozzi Aramburu: Scenography
  • Horace Lannes: Costumes